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Date: 04/09/2011

New fighter!

Created by MH-LF2
Thanks to DoData that made the auto installation.

Defense + Right + Attack - Phoenix Palm
Defence + Up + Attack - Phoenix Dance
Defence + Down + Jump - Phoenix Shield - Creates energy aura which protects you from long range attacks
Defense + Up + Jump -  Phoenix Blaze
Defense + Jump + Attack - Phoenix Wolf

Date: 10/01/2011

More fighters hurray!

Mower your bigest enemies with a lawn lower made in china
Click here to download.
One of the coolest fighters ever!
Click here to download.

And thanks again to our faithul Downloads Crew from :D

Date: 07/11/2010

A new test in lf2-global!
Do you know everything about John?
By Kurama and White-Tiger

Check what your true knowledge is about John, the preeminent magician whom dark magics terrify all the little fighters...
Try yourself now!

Date: 19/06/2010

New version in the site!
Halo Little Fighter
By the BT Clan

A new version based on 'Halo'
The version isnt complete yet, but it's fun! Especially to Halo fans

Date: 24/04/2010

New mod in the downloads section!
Little Fighter Saga

Cool Little Fighter version by Akshit Banta.
The version includes improvements to all the fighters in the game, new fighters, special backgrounds and more!

For replies and comments:

To the official site of the mod:

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 About the game Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2 is a fun and light game for all ages.
During the game you will control fighters, with special individual attacks and abilities for each fighter.
The game includes one on one battles, team battles, stages, levels, tournaments and much more.
You can even play net battles against your internet buddies.
In this website you will find detailed information about each one of the fighters, downloadable versions of the game, patches and additions, explanations and examples about the attacks of each fighter, detailed guides, forums and more!

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