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Little Fighter Characters story
The stories of the Little Fighters, according to the series Little Fighter Alpha.
Written by Lettuce (Translated by Boss).
Date: 31/03/2010

LF2 Multi Server user guide
Learn how to use LF2 Multi Server, and play a network game with 4 players from 4 different computers!
Written by Lettuce.
Date: 02/01/2010

Little fighter 2: bugs
Nearly every bug explained in the world of little fighter 2!
Written by Dixon.
Date: 13/11/2009

Slide Training Guide
This guide will show you how to use the slide technique to suprise your opponent with davis and other fighters.
Written by 3pleFly and the Guides Crew.
Date: 18/09/2009

The big Data guide
Read this guid to learn how to use the Data Changer.
Create your own fighters, weapons, backgrounds and LF2 versions!
Written by PiaNo.ONE, translated by Kroksy.
Date: 15/03/2009

All the ways to reply Freeze's ice balls
A short guide with few cool examples of replying Freezes's ice balls.
Written by Nitrogen.
Date: 03/02/2009

Survival Stage Guide
Here you'll learn how to play in the new Survival Stage.
tips, hints, level arrangements - all included!
Written by Piano One.
Date: 26/11/2008

Recording in version 2.0
In the new version 2.0 there is a new recording feature built in. In this guide we will learn how to use the recording system and the advantages of the system.
Written by shookey.
Date: 17/09/2008

The Full Weapons Guide
Learn how to use all the different weapons in LF2!
Written by Hasa and White-Tiger.
Date: 20/06/2008

A full Little Fighter 2 bugs guide
In this guide you will witness the large ammount of bugs in the game.
The guide is filled with animations of each bug, and explations about them.
Written by Alon Beck.
Date: 18/09/2006

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Little Fighter 2 (LF2) Global