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Date: 25/12/2007

Marry Christmas

And a happy new year!

Date: 16/12/2007

Little Fighter 2 War

Our little fighters have joined the army forces!
Help them conquer the enemy.

Click here to download

Date: 23/11/2007

New version!
Little Fighter 2 Wrestle

This is one of the greatest versions - all the characters are improved, there are new super attacks that only work in a special timing, and lots and lots of new combo variations.

Click here to download

Date: 19/10/2007

2 New programs for download!

Resource Hacker
With this program you can design the the general look and the screens of Little Fighter 2.
Read the guide "
Design your own LF2 version" to learn how to use it.

LF2 Ultimate Patcher
This patch can change a few properties of Little Fighter 2 like backgrounds, credits, and window options.
You can also enable cheats in stage mode and many more cool and useful options.

Date: 07/10/2007

Welcome to LF2-GLOBAL.COM!

This website is a project in process that includes translation of the isreali official LF2 website.
Our purpose is to share the isreali site knowlendge about Little Fighter 2 world wide.
We hope you will enjoy the variety of information incribed in this website!

Most of the site is still in constarction, but you are invited to visit our downloads section, and you are more then welcome to join our forums for suggestions and recommendations about the website.

Dear visitors,
If you wish to help us improve the level of the english in the website and \ or
help us translate guides from hebrew - please contact us in our forums!
Any help will be appreciated.

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