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Date: 22/08/2009

The most impressive version about Naruto Shipuuden is returning in a new version!
Naruto The Setting Dawn 2.4

Amazing version, that makes you forget you are playing LF2 and not a naruto game.
The version includes a lot of the beloved ninjas from Konoha, courageous fighter from the sand village, and of course the best of the evil akatsuki members.
The backgrounds are magnificent, and the attacks are so similar to the attacks in the anime that it's unbelievable.
Recommended to all naruto lovers!

Spoilers alert: the version following the current plot of the anime, and therfore if you have not already seen all the episodes be aware that the version can cause you to see spoilers.

Visit the the official NTSD Forum

Date: 31/07/2009

The first version of Hero Fighter is here!

A new internet game by Marti Wong, the creator of Little Fighter.
This is the first beta version of the game, soon will be added more options and players.
For more details, your replies and of course the game click here.

Date: 26/07/2009

Two new fighters in the downloads section!



Thanks for our Downloads Crew who brought the fighters and prepared them for installation.
For replies and questions please visit our forums.

Date: 19/07/2009

At the end of July: A new game by Marti Wong, the creator of LF2!
Hero Fighter

The new game will have a similar style to Little fighter 2, but it will be played without installation directly through the internet.
At the end of this month the first beta version will be released, and will include 3 fighters.
In the next releases more fighters will be added and also the option to play against other people over the netמאוד שמח

For more information and a demo video of the game, click here.

More updates are coming soon!

Date: 14/06/2009

2 New fighters in our downloads section

The evil armored criminal

The mystical water fighter

Thanks for our Downloads Team for these downloads!

Ads on LF2-Global:
As you can see, we decided to add ads to our site.
These ads will help us to maintain the site and its servers.
For more information and your replies, see the official announcement in our forums.

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