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Date: 28/08/2008

New hamachi patch
Hamachi released a new patch,ver:
Updates: You will get 30 days of "premium user" and after the 30 days Hamachi will
automatically switch to a "free-account.
Also-Bugs fixes and other changes have been made.

Click here to download

New download
A new weapon has been added to the download section:
Deep's Sword
Now the ultimate power of deep can be used with all characters!

Click here to download

Date: 27/08/2008

New Version
A new version added!
Little Fighter 2 Special Version

A Special Version of LF2.Every charter got a new cool and strong skill. And some of the original attacks got addition that improves the game exprinece. There is also a new stage mode.

To view picture of the game click here
To download the game click here


Date: 23/08/2008

New downloads!

Today we brought you a taste from each world: a fighter, a weapon and a stage!

The fighter Silva will kick any opponent with his eternal stick.
The weapon SandBag can fly afar and also can be used for traning.
The stage Machina effctus will move by your direction of movment.

Click here to download Silva and SandBag and Machina effctus

Date: 16/08/2008

New Downloads

Two new fighters for download,Maveric and Paelem.

Click here to download

Date: 12/08/2008

New Download

Little Fighter 2 - The Rhythm of the Night

A great new LF2 version. The prominent thing about this one is its unique and inventive new stage mode.
A great plot and innovative stuff, you'll need more than luck this time.

click here to download

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