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Game Cheats Written by Alon Beck

In the main menu, or any other place in the game, you can press the code " LF2.NET",
this code will enable you to play with all the fighters in the game, such as Louis EX, Firzen, Bandit and everyone else who appears in the Stage Mode.
In addition, this code will open the hardest
difficulty level, "Crazy Mode".

During VS fights, you can operate these codes -

Pressing F1 - Pauses the game.

Pressing F2 - Delays the game for a second and then goes back to normal. Can be used for playing in slow motion.

Pressing F4 - Exits the game.

Pressing F5 - Speeds up the game.

Pressing F6 and then F7 - Fills up the mana of all players until the end of the game. To cancel, press F6 again.

Pressing F7 - Fills up all the players HP.

Pressing F8 - Makes objects and weapons fall from the sky.

Pressing F9 - Blows up all the objects and weapons in the game at that moment.

Pressing F3 - Locks all the other codes above. In case you're playing a net game and you dont want your opponent to cheat.

Remember to check if your "F Lock" key is locked before using them.

New cheat in version 2.0 of LF2: press the code "" in the main menu or any other place in the game.
If the cheat was activated, you will hear a confirmation sound.
Now you will be able to use all F Keys mentioned above in Stage Mode and Survival Stage too!



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Little Fighter 2 (LF2) Global