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LF2 items installer guide Written by Ayal Beck

Ladies and gentlemen, Little Fighter Global is proud to present - LF2 Items Installer!
It is a special program which enables you to install any characters, backgrounds or weapons that are available in this website, with a single press of a button!
It also can delete an addition you've regretted adding.

If you've added a character, it will appear normally like any other fighter.
If you've added a weapon or object, it will fall from the sky like any other weapon.
If you've added a background, it will appear in the levels list.

Installation Manual -  

Download your desired addition to the game from the website, and open it, using WINzip or WINrar.

Press 'Extract' and save the files somewhere on your computer.

In order to add the addition automatically, activate the file 'Install.exe'.

Now you will see this screen:

At the top of the program you will see information about the addition you are about to add [in this case, the character 'Tiger'].
Under that you will have to 'Choose Little Fighter 2 Folder', there you will browse your computer to the place where the game is [usually, the program should find the game automatically, but in case it doesn't, browse it yourself].
*Note: you can also choose versions of the game that are not the original, such as Little Fighter Kate for example, but in that case, it's not absolutely sure that the program will be able to install it properly.

Now all that's left is to press 'Install', and let the program do it's magic.

If you wish to uninstall any additions, open the program again,
This time, the option 'Uninstall' will be available instead of 'Install'.
Press it, and the addition will be deleted from the game.

Note: before you add something to the game, you are advised to read the 'Network Gaming' guide, in case you plan on playing a network game.

Good Luck! 

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