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A full Little Fighter 2 bugs guide Written by Alon Beck

In the game little fighter there is a big variety of cool bugs.
The meaning of bug is that  some move occurred in the game that wasnt supposed to happen.
There are a lot of bugs in the game because there are so many moves in the game and any one of them can create a bug.Some of the bugs can be just for the fun in it,but some are actually very usefull and can be used in battles.
In this guide you are able to view a big variety  of bugs and learn how to perform the most usfull bugs.
The bugs:

A simple confusing bug-
Bat can roll, and in the middle of the roll  to do his "fast-punch" attack.When Bat dosent have enough mana to use the attack he will simply change his direction and will keep rolling the other way.


The same bug as bat's-with deep.
When deep dosent have enough mana to use his "sword-walk" attack to the other direction he will simply change his direction and will keep rolling the other way.

It is recommended to use this bug to confuse and to deceive the enemy, buy you must make sure you dont have enough mana to use the normal attack.


When Rudolf is beeing thrown and he had set his "sword attack" before that,he will use the "sword attack" in the middle of the air.
This bug is recommend to quick players to avoid possible combo attack by the opponent.
This bug can also be used to attack- see the bugs collection for download at the end of the guide.



When louis gets hit in the end of his jump he will simply get stuck in the air and stays there.When your opnnent is stuck in this condition take your time and plan a nice move that will make him lose a lot of health,because of the fact there isnt a way to escape this condition.
This is a complicated bug  to execute.In a certain time Davis's "energy ball" attack can destroy John's energy plate.

Bat can use his "quick punch" attack after he grabs his opnnent,in condition that he had it set before the grab.
this bug isnt very usefull in actual combat.


When Firen and Freeze integrated as Firzen and disengage immediately the explosion effect will disappear as if he never existed.



Items you hold and "strike-jump" with them are tend to disappear if you do it near the end of the stage.




When Rudolf transformed into another character during a combat-he can transform back in allmost any situation.
Here you can see how he uses this bug to avoid being frozen.


Here you can see Rudolf uses this bug to avoid laying down as soon as he touches the ground by returning to his original body.



Louis trys to use his "grab" attack while the opnnent strikes Louis with a "bounce" attack.
The result:Louis grabs and spins the opponent while he is in the air.You may see more uses for this bug in the bugs collection for download at the end of the guide.

When Davis uses his "punch combo" attack followed by "dragon punch" and there is some kind of interruption just in the right moment,the interruption will make Davis to do his "dragon punch" attack much higher then his normal "dragon punch" attack.In this case the intrruption made by Rudolf's shuriken.
The more accurate you will be and the intrruption will be just when the moment is right - Davis will fly higher into the sky.In a case of a complete accuracy Davis will fly so high that you wont be able to see him for a few moments.





While Rudolf is transforming into another character,in the right moment,another character hits the transformed character.The transformed charater will get stuck in the mid air.The stuck character can only get hit in that state by "high range attacks".



This is a complicated bug  to execute.
Davis can start shooting his "energy ball" attack while runing as he still sliding from the momentum of the run.


This bug can only be executed by:
Louis,LouisEX,Henry and Monk.
While holding a weapon those characters can jump a lot of "long jumps" in a row.
Very usefull bug in a combat.

A very cool bug of Rudolf while having the ability to transform to Julian.As Julian,Rudolf runs and uses the deceiving roll of Julian that leaves a fake copy of him.
If Rudolf transforms back to his original body in the middle of the roll the fake copy will transform into Rudolf's active copy,without using any mana.

The knight holds a scythe but yet still uses his sword while attacking.



Davis uses his "run attack" but an un explainable bug occurs and the attack became shorter and dosent hit the opponent. 

To download the Bugs collection,which includes more bugs,and diffrent uses to the bugs you have seen on this page  click here.
This are the most known and usefull bugs.
But of course that are a lot more bugs waiting to be found!

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