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Recording in version 2.0 Written by shookey

The new system does not actually record the game, so to speak. but it does record everything we do in the game. the system "writes down" everything we do, and replays precisely the same moves, which gives the illusion of recording. The game saves the record in a special file that can only be played in the game itself.

A. The system also records the difficulty level, the game mode and the playtime.
This will end the cheating in challenges, competitions and leagues.

B. As mentioned, the game is recording the moves and not actually 'filming', like in the ESCV program. and so the recording is not harming the games' speed and quality. In other words from now on it is possible to record any battle without worrying whether it will harm the performance.
In addition if you want to film a combo, you can record it in the new system and afterwards to film it with the usual filming application [ESCV - screen recording software].

C. The game saves the record as "LFR" [Little fighter record] which weights as a simple text file.

How to use:
To record your gameplay, you have to turn on the recording feature first.
Start LF2 and choose "Recording info" at the main menu

The following window will open:

"Your name"- write the name you wish to display in here.
"Your info"- write here any further information you wish to add.

Your name and info will appear in every recording you make.

"E-mail"- write here your real e-mail. the e-mail will not appear during your records, it is only used for the official competitions of the game. You must write you real e-mail to prevent your disqualification from the competition.
In case you win a competition, contact will be made via e-mail.

Now Check the "Turn on recording" box
And press ok.

Now, the recording feature is on and all of your gameplay will be recorded automatically.

1. After the loading screen, start a game by choosing any game mode.

2. When the game starts, there will be a message at the bottom left corner of the screen telling you that recording has started and the recording filename to be saved.

3. When the game ends, this message appears telling you the recording is done.

4. However, if the game is not finished adequately
(pressing F4 or closing the game in the middle), The recording will be canceled and this message will be shown:

How to watch a record:
Choose "Playback Recording" at the game menu.

The records window will appear, choose a record and press "open".

Now the recording will be played.
During the screening you are able to see the following information:
a. Author's name and info.
b. Game mode and difficulty.
c. Game time.
d. Control keys: arrow keys - moves the camera, F1- pause, F2 - step, F6 - Turns onoff the author's name and info, F5 - fast forward, F4 - exit.

Record management:
choose "Recording info" at the main menu

Choose "Open the recording files saving folder"

A folder will be opened with all the recording files inside. you can share your recording with your friends by sending those files to them.

Also, in this folder, there is a little tool named "lfr_summary_generator.exe".

By running it, you can generate a summary (lfr_summary.csv) for all of your recording files. the summary file can help you compare the results of all the recording files without having to replay all the them one by one.

Good Luck!

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