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LF2 Multi Server user guide Written by Lettuce
 What is LF2 Multi Server?
LF2 Multi Server is a revolutionary program, that enables you to play a network game with up to 4 players from 4 different computers!

Usage instructions: (for the host, the one who runs the server)
Note: The program also contains short instructions that will help you to run the server.

1. Download the server from here.
Detailed explanation:
You don't have to install the program, just put it somewhere on your computer.
In order to work, the program needs Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 installed on your computer.
If the server doesn't work for you, try to install the .Net Framework from here, and then try again.

2. Close LF2 if it is opened, and then run the program. (only one person has to open the server!)

Insert the total number of players that are going to join the game, and then press Enter.
Detailed explanation:
Now you have to talk with people (Hamachi is recommended for that), and find people that want to play with you.
The maximum number of players allowed in this program is 4, so you can add up to 3 players to the game (including you, it will be 4).
Press on the server window to focus on it, and type the the number of players including you that will join the game.

3. The server will start waiting for players to join the game. Now do the following:
Every player has to change his control settings to a different player number. Then the players have to join the game according to the order.
The player that now uses the keys set of player number 1 will join first, after him will join the player that use of keys set of player number 2, and so on... (Also you, the host, have to join the game. You are recommended join the game first, before the other players join too).
Detailed explanation:
You (the server owner) will be the first player to connect to the server.
Open LF2, go to "Control Settings", and adjust the keys you generally use to the keys of player number 1 in the game, from left to right. Example:

After you have changed your keys to player number 1, go to "Network game", click on "Connect to Opponent", and then just press Enter without writing anything in the ip address, that will cause the game to connect to your computer.
Look at the window of the server, and verify that the server recognized your connection. If not, write "" (your internal ip address) and try again.
After that, ask one of the other players to change his keys to the keys of player number 2, and then connect to you. (the connection is absolutely normal, except the fact that he had to change his control settings to the keys of player 2!)
Be aware: The players have to change their control settings according to the order they connected to the server! Don't tell the next player to connect to you before you see that the current player joined the game.
After all the players have joined, the game will begin. Good luck!
Note - Every player has to have a direct connection link with you, but they don't have to have direct connections between themselves.
For example, if you are the server, the players don't have to be all in the same room in Hamachi. It is enough that only you will be with every player in separate rooms...

Important to know: The names of the other players will not appear in the game! Every player will see only the names of the players that are written in his game (at the control settings).
If you want to match the names, you have to change the names of the players according to the order of connection before the game begins.
You can also just tell the other players who is each player according to the players numbers.

4. More options that can be use after the game has began:
 A. Remove players from game: Write "remove 3" and Enter, to remove player number 3 from the game (for example).
Detailed explanation:
If one of the players annoys you, or causes lags, you can remove him from the game.
Just write remove, and then the player number. Then the player will be removed from the game. (The server will press some "Jump" instead of the user to make sure that he was not in the middle of choosing fighter...)
As long as there are at least 2 players connected to the server, the game will continue. Meaning: If a player disconnects from the game, the game will continue for the other players until all the players have disconnected.

B. Find who causes the most lags: Write "ping" and then Enter.
Detailed explanation:
The server has an option to find the person with the slowest connection link to the server (in order to solve the problem of lags, if you have).
If you want to do so, write "ping" and then Enter.
The server will display the player that has the slowest connection with the server. It is possible that if you have lags, he is the one who is responsible for them.
Important note: If the source of lags is from the one who runs the server, the ping option will not be able to detect it.
It is recommended in general that the one who runs the server will have the highest internet speed.

C. Copying the players list: Write "copy" and then Enter.
For your convenience, you can copy the list of the players that have connected to the game, with their original names.
You have to remember that each player will not see the real names of the other players, and therefore you have to inform them who is who.

 More notes for wiser usage: (for those who want to get smarter. you don't have to read it if you don't want. But hey, it is free!)
A.  The server works only for Little Fighter 2 version 2.0, the original game.
B. The more players you have, the risk to have lags gets bigger. If one of the players has a slow computer, it will slow the game for the other players too.
You should close programs and other computers in your home network that need internet connection. Otherwise, people will not join you to games because they will find out that you cause lags.
 C. When you choose the host (the person who opens the server and the other connect to him), it is recommended that he will have the highest internet connection / the strongest computer, because most of the traffic will be on him.
D. It is true that the guide tells you to connect to the server first, but in fact you can open the server to other players without joining the game yourself!
If there are 4 players that don't succeed to open the server themselves, because of connection problems or other reasons, you can open the server for them on your computer, and let them connect to the server and play.
You just have to keep the server open on your computer while they are playing.
E. The program enables to connect only 4 players from different computers, and from each computer only one player can play.
Unfortunately, it's impossible that from one computer will play more than one player, and so there will be more than 4 players in the game.
But who knows what hides in the future, we hope that someday we will succeed to build a server that will connect up to 8 players...

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