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Strategic Guide Written by Alon Beck
Deep -
Deep is a dangerous fighter from short range due to his sword and other short range attacks.
One hit with his sword can do massive damage.
Another one of Deep's advantages is that his sword is not considered as a part of his body,
meaning, every time you try to hit him, and he hits back with his sword, his attack will win, and you will be damaged.
Though Deep's advantages, his sword also makes him and his attacks heavier and slower.
When fighting against Deep, we recommend you attack from the sides, and try to avoid being on his line of attack.


John -
John the sorcerer is a strong offensive and defensive fighter.
He is very quick, and the range of his attacks is very large.
John has a variety of magic attacks that is best to know about:
Flying Disk - This special attack domesticates itself on the enemy,
Though it's pretty easy to fool by walking up and down.
While playing with John, it is recommended to throw a disk once in a while,
It confuses the enemy and takes some of his time.
Energy Shield - This shield can block and reflect any sorts of long range attack in the game, such as energy balls, and earth attacks.
It's a smart idea, while playing John, to spread out a few shields throughout the area,
This will put the enemy in a hard position to attack, and in an easy position to get hurt.
Heal - John can heal himself, and his party members. so be aware, and don't let him do it often!


Henry -
First and foremost, Henry's biggest disadvantage is that he is mostly a long range fighter,
Meaning, if the enemy comes close, it would be extremely easy to do serious damage on Henry,
So, when playing with him, it is important to keep the enemy as far away as possible, though still in the attack range.
Henry has 3 main attacks which help him in close range combat:
Jumping and shooting arrows.
Hitting the enemy with the arrow itself, which is done by double jumping and attacking.
And his Flute playing [Sonata Of Death], which makes all the enemies caught in it helpless until the attack is over [Very effective in stage mode, against a large amount of enemies].


Rudolf -
Rudolf, like Henry, is mostly a long range fighter. though his quickness gives him a big advantage.
Two of Rudolf's most efficient attacks are his duplication ability, and his invisibility.
When his HP is low, his Mana raises faster, which makes it easy to duplicate alot, and then make himself and every other duplication invisible.
Rudolf's most special attack is his transformation, which is done while holding the enemy,
So, When fighting him, try to get close to him so he wont duplicate, but not too close so he wont transform.


Louis -
Louis's biggest advantage, is also his biggest disadvantage - his armor.
Though it gives him a lot of defense, it also makes him slow and heavy.
When fighting him, try not to get to close, so he wont catch you, which will do serious damage,
but also, don't get in his line of attack, because of his earth attack.
It is recommended to engage Louis in a close range fist fight. you will probably win, because of his slowness.
His jumps are high and far, excellent for dodging.
When Louis's HP goes below 33%, he is able to turn into LouisEX!
Louis throws of his shield, and becomes the fastest character in the game!
Defeat him quickly, or he will defeat you.


Firen -
Firen is the fire user fighter.
His fire attacks are not so strong, but they can hurt several enemies in a single attack.
Be careful not to get near a burned team member, or you will get burnt as well.
His fire walking attack [Inferno] leaves a trail of fire behind him, that can still hit the enemy if there's contact,
So be sure to leave a trail of fire near the enemy when playing with him.
His most powerful attack is his fire explosion that blows up every enemy in the area,
But keep in mind, the explosion takes some HP from Firen as well.

Freeze -
Freeze is the ice user fighter.
Most of Freeze's attacks freeze his enemies.
When frozen, a fighter is paralyzed for a few seconds, which gives Freeze enough time to calculate and perform a strong combo attack,
So when fighting him, be very careful not to get hit by any of his freezing attacks.
Another one of Freeze's biggest advantages is the fact that when an energy ball, of any kind, comes his way, and he counter attacks that energy ball with a ice ball,
Not only does the enemy energy ball stops, and starts going the opposite direction, but also, the energy ball becomes an ice ball,
Meaning, now two ice balls are heading your way!
Be careful not to make the mistake of sending him a lot of energy balls,
Because then you will be facing a mob of ice balls heading your way!
[works with all energy balls, except Firen's fire ball, which eliminates the attack].
Although these advantages, Freeze's ice ball is very slow compared to other energy balls, so it's easy to dodge.
Another one of Freeze's strong attacks is his ice sword summon,
In this case, Freeze summons a special sword that freezes every enemy that is hit by it.
Be careful though not to get hit and lose it, because then your enemy can pick it up and freeze you!


Dennis -
Dennis is a very fast fighter.
Most of his attacks are made by kicking the enemy with his legs.
Be careful not to let him catch you, or you will be in the verge of a very powerful combo attack.
Dennis can send a powerful and fast energy balls that chase the enemy for a while,
It's very hard to dodge it, so when playing with him, be sure to send an energy ball, and then go on the offensive,
This will distract the enemy for a few seconds, giving you a chance to perform a powerful attack.
When Dennis performs his Whirlwind Kick, be sure to run and stay away from his line of attack,
Because while he is attacking, all of your attacks are futile, and all of your energy balls will just go back and attack you.


Woody -
Woody can perform a deadly combo attack out of almost any situation,
So, it is very important to remember while fighting against him, to never let your guard down!
If he catches you, if you get hit by his kicks, if you're not ready when he teleports himself to you, it is most likely you will be seriously damaged.
While playing with him, try catching the enemy using his swiftness and fast jumps,
If you succeed, you can perform a deadly combo attack.
Woody had two kinds of teleport attacks:
The first, to an ally.
The second, to the enemy.
It is a good idea to teleport yourself to the enemy and back once in a while to confuse him.


Davis -
Davis is a close range fighter, who specialize in punches.
Davis's attacks are extremely fast, specially his Dragon Punch, that can block any attack if activated in the right time.
His energy balls move up and down carelessly, so use them against several enemies, or in close range.
When fighting him, try not to get too close to him, or he will catch you easily and perform his combo punch attack.

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