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Network gaming guide Written by Alon Beck

In the game of 'Little Fighter 2' there is a network gaming option.
This option is limited to a maximum amount of 8 people playing the game simultaneously.

This guide will teach you how to play a network game.

Say you've found a gaming partner you wish to fight against, the first step is to choose who is the host, and who is hosted.
The 'host', is basically somewhat of a server, that the 'hosted' is connecting to.

If you're the host, you need to give your opponent your IP address, which is your computer's address,
Usually, the game itself, in the 'Network Game' option, will show you your IP address, but not always will that IP work,
So just in case it doesn't, we recommend ' ' - a special web page that shows you your IP address.

- Okay i got all the host hosted stuff, now how do i play?

If you're the 'Host':
Enter the game, and instead of pressing 'Play Game', press 'Network Game'.
Here you will see the network gaming menu.
Now, give your opponent your IP address that you've checked earlier [VIA MSN, ICQ or Hamachi chat], and click 'Waiting for opponent'.
Now you wait for your opponent to connect.

Example video for the host

If you're the 'Hosted':
Enter the game, and instead of pressing 'Play Game', press 'Network Game'.
Now click 'Connect to opponent'.
Now insert the IP address you received from your opponent in the text bar, and press 'OK'.

Example video for the hosted

Now, if you've done everything correctly, you will connect, and the game will load for both of you.
You can play in any mode you want, have fun!

*important -
The guide above explains on network gaming, assuming you are using the program 'Hamachi'.
In case you are not using Hamachi, we recommend you download it, and read the 'How to use Hamachi' guide.

Not anyone can host a network game, it requires a certain type of internet connection,
That is why we recommend you use Hamachi, which makes everyone available of hosting.

In case you don't want, or can't use Hamachi, for one reason or another, you have no other choise but to play a network game normally, and hope that you, or your opponent, can be hosts.

Good Luck!