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Do you know everything about Deep? By White-Tiger
Answer the following questions to check how much do you know about Deep! If you want to see your true knowledge, be honest with yourself and do not look in the game while answering the questions. Afterwards, redo the test while the game is opened so you will understand the questions better^^

1. What is special in Deep's energy blasts?
They can return shots made by the enemy and continue moving at the same time.
They can give Deep an excellent protection against many shots.
His blasts vanish quickly.
They can make your opponent stuck.
Answers A, B and C are true.
All answers are true.

2. Can Deep stop rolling in the middle of it?
Like most of the fighters, no.
In 2 ways.
In 3 ways.
In one way only.

3. Regarding the last question, can Deep change the direction of the rolling?
He can stop the rolling and activate an attack, but he can't change its direction .
He has one certain way to do it.
He has two ways to do it.
He has three ways to do it, one of them is a bug.

4. Which attack Deep can not activate diagonally?
Dashing Strafe
Leap Attack
Energy Blasts
All answers are true

5. How many Strikes can Deep activate on his opponent without having him falling down?
2 strikes.
Deep can throw his enemy to the air twice, but with the first Strike only.
3 strikes.
4 strikes.

6. Which attacks can Deep activate after Strike attacks?
Dashing Strafe + Strike + Leap Attack
Energy Blasts + Strike + Leap Attack
All the attacks.
Only Leap Attack and Energy Blasts.

7. What is special in Deep's Run + Jump + Hit?
All the fighters perform this move with a kick, except of Deep.
As long as his sword is raised up Deep will attack all those in front of him, while most of the fighters can attack only one enemy at once.
Deep is invulnerable.
Answers B and C are true.
Answers A and B are true.

8. What is the most special thing in Deep's attack Run + Hit?
Hits twice.
Sticks the opponent.
Takes down any opponent, in every state, to the floor.
Takes more HP from the enemy than usual.

9. What is special in Deep's attack Jump + Hit?
It can hit a large amount of enemies at once, like the rest of Deep's sword attacks.
Unlike other fighters, It can hit the opponent in three ranges: from close range on the ground, in the air and from far range on the ground.
Deep can activate it twice and still have enough time to roll after it.
his sword is pulled out very quickly, and the attack lasts for a long time. it enables Deep to evade the enemy's attacks after he was caught.
Answers B and D are true.
Answers A and B are true.

10. When you activate Dashing Strafe on the opponent and arrive to the wall, can you continue the combo with Strike?
Yes, but only if the oponnent jumps at the end.
No, he will fall to the ground before you will get a chance to Strike him.
Yes, if the enemy was with face to your direction while you started the Dashing Strafe.
Yes, if the enemy was with face to the wall while you started the Dashing Strafe.
All the answers are false: Dashing Strafe can not bring the opponent close to the wall.

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