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Do you know everything about Davis? By White-Tiger
Answer the following questions to check how much do you know about Davis! If you want to see your true knowledge, be honest with yourself and do not look in the game while answering the questions. Afterwards, redo the test while the game is opened so you will understand the questions better^^

1. In how many ways can Davis activate a leap attack?
2 ways.
Only one way.
3 ways.
4 ways, that one of them is a bug.

2. Which attack of the following Davis cannot activate diagonally?
Dragon punch.
Energy balls.
Fast fists.
Leaf attack.
All the answers are true.

3. What is the maximum amount of Dragon Fists that Davis can activate one after the other on an enemy? (without using a wall)
2 fists.
One fist only.
3 fists.
4 fists, combined in a special combo.

4. In how many ways can Davis perform a 'Double Hit'? (a single hit that hits the enemy twice)
In one way only.
In 2 ways.
Davis cannot double hit.
in 4 ways!

5. Can Davis stop rolling in the middle of it?
Like most of the fighters, no.
With a dragon fist!
He can change the direction of the rolling (like the bug of Deep), but he can not stop it.
He even has 2 ways to do it.

6. Freeze has the combo: 3 hits + sommon ice sword + freeze the enemy + ice ball + throwing the sword.
Can Davis do this combo too if he gets an ice sword?
He can not do it.
Sure, he even has more ways to do it than Freeze has.
He can do it in one way only.
He has 4 ways to do it, exactly like Freeze.
He has many ways, but Freeze has more.

7. The energy balls of Davis and Dennis are similar, but each one of the fighters control them in a diffrent way.
If Davis and Dennis start shooting at each other, who will get hit first?
Davis loses anyway.
Depends on the distance: from a long distance Davis loses, from a short distance he wins.
Depends on the distance: from a long distance Davis wins, from a short distance he loses.
Dennis wins of course! Dennis sometimes shoot 2 balls at once.

8. Regarding the last question, what is Davis's energy balls advantage over Dennis's?
When Davis's energy balls hit the opponent they inflect more damage.
They are faster - after a few moments they accelerate and continue in higher speed.
Less mana - Davis consumes less mana when he shoots the balls.
Every 3 balls Davis shoots another ball as a bonus.

9. If Davis loses in a close combat, can he evade his doomed destiny?
Yes, Davis is very quick, so he just has to go up or down.
He has one painful way (to the enemy) to evade it.
He has two ways to to sweeten his fate.
Totally unnecessary. Davis is the best in close combats and never loses.

10. What is special in Davis's dash? (run + jump + attack)
The dash will hit the target only if you start it in the begining of the jump, because it takes a lot of time until the dash begins.
When the gentle Davis activates the dash, he covers his eye, because it is hard for him to see people get hurt, even if they are enemies.
Davis's dash does a little more damage than most of the fighters.
The dash isn't special at all! it is just like the dashes of all the other fighters.
The three first answers are true.

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