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Do you know everything about Firen? By Hasa
Answer the following questions to check how much do you know about Firen! If you want to see your true knowledge, be honest with yourself and do not look in the game while answering the questions. Afterwards, redo the test while the game is opened so you will understand the questions better^^

1. Which of Firen 2 attacks have the most in common with each other?
Fire balls + Explosion
Blaze + Inferno
Blaze+ fire balls
Explosion + Inferno
Inferno+ Fire balls
All the attacks have no connection to one another.

2. What is the maximum amount of fire balls you can shoot at an enemy without him falling to the ground? (without wall behind or something else)
2 balls.
3 balls.
6 balls.
9 balls.
Unlimited (untill the mana is finished)

3. That number of fire balls can be done:
Only if you are close to your opponent.
Even from the other side of the map.
You do not have to be close to your opponent as long as you are higher or lower than him.
You can shoot the fire balls only after you used a different attack before.
Answers A and D are true.

4. What is the maximum amount of fire explosions firen can do to the opponent without having him falling?
Single explosion.
2 explosions.
3 explosions.
4 explosions.

5. Which of the following sentences are false?
It is possible to do Inferno + 3 hits.
It is possible to do Inferno + 6 fire balls.
It is possible to do Inferno + Explosion.
It is possible to do Inferno+ jump + hit + dash (double jump with strike).
None, because all the sentences above are true.

6. Continue the combo: 3 hits + Blaze + ...
4 fire balls.
3 fire balls only.
More hits.
A and C is true.
All the answers are false.

7. On the fire created by Firen's Blaze, who can stand without being burnt?
Only Firen himself.
Firen and the fighters in his group + an enemy Firen who is activating Blaze too.
Only heavy fighters like Monk, Julian and Knight, because their fatness protects them.
Only Firen and the fighters in his group.
Anyone can stand on it, it is just for decoration.

8. Assuming one Firen is fighting another Firen, and one of them starts a Blaze, which attacks could the other Firen use in order to stop the attacking Firen without hurting himself?
Opposite Blaze.
A lot of fire balls, until the running breaks.
All the attacks will do the work.
There is no way to Firen to stop the attack, so it is better to just avoid it.

9. When Firen activates Blaze, it is known that he is immune to enemy fire balls. But what happens when he is attacked with fire balls from behind, when his back is turned to you?
The moment Firen passes you he is vulnerable like a born Monk.
He is immune to fire balls also from the back.
After Firen pass you the balls will bounce from his back and return to you.
He still has some defence, but if you will shoot the ball and it will hit in a specific moment, it will break through the fire, and therefore it is totally random! it is just like winning in a gamble.
Firen can not continue the Blaze after he passes you. the creators of the game decided that his mana will be emptied every time it happens, because it is dangerous to play with fire.

10. True or False!? answer the following questions:

All Firen's attacks burn things.

11. With unlimited mana near a wall, it is possible to shoot only 9 fire balls in sequence.

12. Without Freeze, Henry and wind attacks, there is no attack that can break through Inferno.

13. It is possible to combine all Firen's attacks in one combo.

14. If you get an Ice Sword, you can freeze your opponent without throwing it after every Firen's attack.

15. When two Firens in diffrent groups start a Blaze toward each other none of them will be harmed.

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