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Do you know everything about Dennis? By Kurama & White-Tiger (Translated by 3pleFly)
Solve the following questions to check how much you know about Dennis! If you'd like to check your real knowledge at this point, be honest with yourself and don't try the situations at the game. After answering it, it's recommend to recheck the answers while the game is open, and then check, test, and try to undersatnd the questions better.

1. Which attack Dennis can't do diagonally?
Whirlwind Kick
Chasing Blast
Energy Blast

2. A well known trick of Dennis is that he can give his Shrafe from a very close range, so the last attack won't hit his opponent and will hit only the air after him.
How many times can Dennis use this trick in a sequence, without let his opponent to fall or move away?
Three times.
Four times.
Dennis can do this forever, it depends on the player's level.
Two times only.

3. Can Dennis stop his rolling in the middle?
Yes, he even has 2 attacks for it.
Like most of the characters, no.
With the Shrafe, Dennis's rolling stops and he attacks immediately!
He can change his rolling direction,[ like deep's bug ] but not stop it in the middle.

4. What's special in Dennis's Energy Blasts?
That he shots two blasts, and then he shots two more blasts in sequence.
Dennis shots three blasts, and in the third he shots an extra bonus shot automatically without using his mana.
Dennis's blasts doesn't transform into ice blasts when meeting an ice blast.
Dennis's blasts accelerate while in the air.

5. In Dennis's blasts there is a certain cycle [ Dennis doesn't shot all the blasts forward, if he was then we would say that his blasts don't have a cycle ].
Some of the blasts are naturally directed up, and some naturally directed down.
What's special in Dennis's blasts? [2]
The cycle of his blasts are 4 because Dennis is a royal fish. He shots them like this: first blast up, second blast up, third blast forward, and last blast down. like Davis.
The cycle is 4 because Dennis is the strongest fish on earth. He shots them like this: first one up, second forward, third down, fourth forward.
The cycle is 5, because its known that fish has endless mana. He shots them like this: first one forward, second up, third down, fourth forward, and fifth down.
After the first shot [ that is always forward ] the game choose random direction for each blast, so it can go up, down or forward.

6. It is known that Davis's and Dennis's blasts are equal in their power, but each of the characters control it in his own way and each has its own advantages.
When davis meets with dennis and they both shot at each other blasts and use all their mana [when they both have the same amount of mana], who will win and who will lose and get hurt first?
Dennis will lose always.
Davis will lose always.
It's depended on the distance: from close Dennis will win, and from far he'll lose.
It's depended on the distance: from far Dennis will win and from close he'll lose.

7. Dennis folds [get the enemy to unsatble state like after 2 normal hits] his opponent after 3 blasts.
Can you fold your enemy with Dennis's blasts, while shooting them endlessly, with 3 blasts in a row?
Choose the best answer!
Of curse not, because Dennis shots 4 blasts on every 3, so if we want to fold we have to do a break in the middle.
Dennis doesn't need his blasts to fold the enemy, he only have to think about it to make it happen.
It is possible, but only if your opponent has some kind of an armor, like Louis's. The armor will suffer the extra shot and leave Louis folded.
It's possible with every character, if we only make the first or the fourth shot to miss the enemy, and then he gets folded from the 3 other blasts.

8. If Dennis is standing in front of his opponent that is getting hit by Dennis's full Shrafe, What will happen?
If the opponent is guarding, then he will be close to fall, but in the end he’ll keep standing.
All the characters will lose and fall by Dennis's Shrafe, it doesn't matter if they are guarding or not.
Every normal character will fall, but the fighters that has double guard [ Louis, Julian, Knight] won't fall if they would guard, because of their double guarding.
Knight and Julian will never fall thanks for their double shield, but if there is a stone or a box near it, then they will fall because of the double hit.

9. Dennis's Whirlwind Kick is very strong and can break his rival's guard easily.
Which of the normal characters [not from the code] can escape from Dennis's Whirlwind Kick near the wall?
Only Davis, Dennis, and Woody can.
Only Deep and Rudolf can.
Henry and Louis
No one can escape Dennis's Whirlwind Kick near the wall.

10. About the question above: There is a character from the code, that can escape Dennis's Whirlwind Kick near the wall, and also can escape Dennis's Shrafe after Dennis had cought him.
Who is the character?

11. Which attack can stop Dennis while he's doing his Whirlwind Kick?
Almost every attack, it depends on your luck.
Every fighter can with his normal punch attack.
Only Woody's Flip Kick, and Davis's Dragon Punch.
Answers A and B are correct.

12. What are the features of Dennis's Chasing Blast?
Choose the most accurate answer.
Dennis's Chasing Blast can follow his opponent, can accelerate, it creates a big repulse when hitting the enemy, and when Dennis's rival hits it the Chasing Blast attacks Dennis and his teammates back.
It gets destroyed like Dennis Energy Blasts, it can follow his rival, it can get to any height in order to follow his rival, the Chasing Ball takes the same mana like a normal Energy Blast.
The Chasing Blast accelerates, it takes more mana then a normal Energy Blast, it needs more then one hit to return it [unless if you use an attack like Dragon Palm] and it can chase his opponent.
The Chasing Blast can accelerate easily, it takes more mana then a normal Energy Blast, it can chase his opponent, and also can change his direction up to four times!

13. What will happen if 2 Dennises will do a Whirlwind Kick to each other?
They both will get hurt in the same way.
It depends on the luck: one wins, the other loses.
It depends on the luck – there is a chance then both will get hurt in the same way and there is a chance that one will win.
The one that comes from the left will always win.

14. Instead of punching, Dennis uses kicks; does it give him an advantage?
Yes, kicks are more painfull and because of that Dennis folds his opponent with only 2 kicks!
No, the difference is only in the drawing.
Yes, kicks are longer then punches, and because of that Dennis has the longest range damage.
No, Dennis's hands are full with scars and that’s why he uses only his feet.

15. Which blast can stop Dennis's Shrafe?
Fire Blast
Ice Blast
John's Blast
Henry's Dragon Palm

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